La Marina Preschool and Child Care Center

At La Marina Preschool, we provide opportunities for your child to develop while personalities through:

  1. First-hand experience in social relationships
  2. Physical development of large and small motor skills
  3. Acceptable and unacceptable behavior with peers
  4. Stimulating experience which encourage the children to think and analyze problems to help them arrive at a solution


Our main focuses are to provide the opportunity for academic learning and help in developing a good self-image, while becoming aware of others.

We encourage the children to express themselves through material, language, and movement by providing ample time with adequate freedom. La Marina Preschool provides a positive balance between academic stimulation and allowing the children to make their own choices.

What your child will need

We provide health snacks for the children in the morning and afternoon. Each child is required to bring a healthy lunch with them every day which should include for example: a sandwich or cold cuts, fruit, yogart, cereal bar, raisins and a juice. Desserts and sweets should be limited. There is no candy allowed in lunches. Each child needs to have at least one (1) change of clothes in a bad, in case of an accident; if your child is not potty trained, be sure to send extra clothes. Please be sure to keep bag replenished. When cleaning out drawers at home, think of us, we can always use spare clothes.

If your child is full-time they will need to have a fitted crib size sheet and a small blanket for naptime. Please place all naptime belonging inside a pillow case, be sure to label all belongings. Nap sheets are to be brought to school every Monday and must be taken home at the end of each week to be washed. Please keep us in mind also when throwing away any used or un-used paper, plastic tubes, buttons, corks, spools or anything else you think we might be able to use for crafts. We also encourage parent participation for our school parties, school events and field trips. Thank you for your support.